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Affichage des articles du février, 2017

The Art of Graff

2016 was a great year for Street Art in Toulouse. Last june in La Ville Rose, took place the event Rose Béton. Many famous persons were invited such as George SHAW the creator of the Spectrum Festival in Christchurch New-Zealand. At the same time, was released a book about Truskool the French graffiti crew : “Truskool, a story of graffiti in Toulouse” by Olivier Gal and Etienne Bellan-Huchery. That was the opportunity to meet taggers professional or not and art galleries specialized in Street Art.

Off the Wall

Originally Street Art can be defined by all the pictural artworks made on walls or equipments of a city. It goes from tag, a simple signature, to elaborated graffiti and up to mural paintings. Street Art covers technics as different as painting with colorbombs, patterns, poster, low relief or engraving. Street Art is an Art Brut constantly transforming. The works are fragils sometimes secrets sealed between buildings like treasure in an Egyptian grave.

In the Street

Modern towns are…